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Hi New Mommy,


All About Me

In May 2019, I experienced a gentle birth with my daughter, Alexandria after 10 months of what I would consider transformative preparation.  The following year, I spent the next 12 months journaling about my birth preparation process, becoming a certified Doula to protect other Black women and digging deep to find the root of Black maternal health crisis. The Black maternal health crisis is disconnecting Black Mothers from the beauty of birth and all that is meant to be experienced. In 2021, I released a book entitled, BODY BELLY SOUL to empower Black mothers to manifest the birth they deserve and truly desire, by reconnecting with her roots. Throughout the book I guide you through to prepare on mental, physical and spiritual levels as I walk you through my birth experience.  I share an intimate outlook and wisdom needed to prepare for birth that many Black mothers are not openly sharing with one another, which is often a result of trauma and isolation.  I also uncover the history of exploitation of the Black birthing body in America and why it is truly a form of exercising our freedom of choice to birth way we choose.

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