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Body Belly Soul|Book Launch

In Washington DC on December 9th, 2021 I hosted a book launch for my book, Body Belly Soul: A Black Mother's Guide to a Powerful, Peaceful and Primal Birth. The room was filled with expecting mothers, new moms, veteran mommas, birth workers, friends and a few dads.

If you've read the book already you know finding like-minded mothers is one of the keys to navigating birth and new motherhood. My cohost and founder of @Camp.Mess, Carissa Harrison & I hosted a restorative circle during the Book Launch were we held deep discussion around topics in the book that included Birth Education, Connecting with your baby and Postpartum.

So grateful to share this space with women who are passionate about giving guidance to their fellow sister.

Look out for our next event! Until then enjoy the recap below captured by Mommy and Wellness Guru, Sabrina Vaz-Holder.

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